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VRTalent is a division of TalentAttach.

We are the first recruiting firm to focus on providing candidates for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality positions.

We do this by reaching out to the community of creatives, developers and designers. Veterans and Rookies are consistently building together on projects and companies. In such a fast paced industry – communication about opportunities to work together is essential. We bring companies and talent together through personal relationships, social advertising & content marketing.

The Right People. The Right Jobs.

The Virtual Reality community is very similar to the “farm to table” movement that is currently happening across the United States.

When you are looking to prepare a plate that is completely curated from local farms you can head to a Co-Op or Farmer’s Market, reach out to local farmers or connect with other like minded people.

That is exactly what we do.

Reach out to people who are talented and looking for talent, and through geographic & interest focused advertising we publish articles from experts to attract like minded people onto our network of magazine websites and social media.

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If you have a job in Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality and are looking for the exact person to fill that job – we are here for you! Just upload your job description below.

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If you are someone who is looking for a job in the Virtual Reality or augmented Reality Field, We can help you! Just upload your job description below.




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